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F.G. Calderon Elementary School

      The school was born in the year 1918, first as a branch of Bonifacio Primary School, whose first principal was Mr. Jose Quintero. 

     In 1920, it was made independent and named Lico Primary School. Mr. Epifanio Santos was assigned to manage it. Then it became big school, so in 1926, its name was name was changed to Lico Elementary School to accommodate pupils in the intermediate grades. This time it occupied two buildings at its compound in Lico Street. 

       In 1931, Mrs. Sergia Moniquis took over the administration of the school and before she left in 1935, she was able to organize its two big branches; one at Solis Street corner Lico and another at Barrio Obrero. 

       In 1935, Mr. Sixto Legaspi succeeded Mrs. Moniquis but unfortunately, she died two years later leaving the school under the care of Mrs. Martin who was assigned as substitute principal. 

      In 1937, Mrs. Marciana S. Tinio replaced Mrs. Martin and successfully managed the school until the outbreak of the last Pacific war which started on December 7, 1941.

        Between the years 1942 and 1944, Lico ElementarySchool closed its doors. It was manned and used as barracks by the Japanese Soldiers. When the liberation forces entered the city in January 1945, the Japanese burned the entire school.

        In April 1945, war in Manila was almost over. Order was restored Lico Elementary School, like a crippled soldier was made to stand anew to begin the mission over and again. Mrs. Paz A. Vibar, despite her opportunity to have been assigned to other existing school like Gomez Elementary School. She specifically selected the school because besides residing near the school site, she was interested in starting from the nothing except its name. 

        The school branch at Solis cor. Lico was made center and with a handful of teachers, Mrs. Vibar organized classes and revived a new school. By the next school year, enrollment soared; so housing of new classes became a big problem. The PTA was organized to help solve it and was instrumental in pouring the release of the city fund for the purchase of school site containing one hundred, more or less at Manuguit Subdivision.

         In 1948, the school administration was transferred in its new location at Manuguit Subdivision. All acquired rented building at Solis, Lico Street were made as annexes. The school Barrio Obrero was well established. In the same year, the name of the school was changed to Felipe Calderon Elementary School.

        At the opening of the School Year 1957 – 1958, the school was divided into two independent units; Calderon Unit I comprising all buildings west of Jose Abad Santos boulevard road, and including Barrio Obrero branches and Calderon Unit II comprising all buildings west of the same boulevard. Unit I had a population of 4,018 school children guided by 72 eligible teachers. The end of this school year marks the rise of the high school department and the school named F.G. Calderon Integrated School.

F. G. Calderon Integrated (Old) Building

F. G. Calderon Integrated (New) Building